Equestrians Improving the Horse Industry

Rate My Horse PRO is an industry advocacy platform, which equally engages horse consumers and professionals in improving industry standards through education. The company offers breaking industry news & investigative reports, equine legal resources, ratings of horse professionals, and victim assistance. Rate My Horse PRO is North America’s most comprehensive, accurate, interactive ratings tool, and equestrian resource available today. 
Rate My Horse PRO is educating consumers, while facilitating the promotion of horse professionals who conduct business with integrity. Trusted customer reviews allow professionals to define and differentiate their value in a competitive marketplace for the first time.
Educated consumers teamed with accountable horse professionals result in a larger community of advocates for our horses' welfare 
Transparency & Accountability  
Initiated in 2008, Rate My Horse PRO was created by a group of horse owners and professionals looking to improve the current state of ethics and integrity within the horse world. The highly complex horse industry is both daunting and intimidating to outsiders interested in entering, and often seems closed and limited to those who have spent any time inside.
All are better served by using a system to help find the best advisors, while setting expectations for what professionals will provide. This concept offers the horse industry a new level of transparency and accountability. 
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