Improving the Equine Industry

Rate My Horse PRO is the most trusted resource for horse owners.

The site offers:

Rate My Horse PRO’s comprehensive, accurate, and interactive approach strengthens equine businesses by cultivating trust and disrupting the industry’s bad actors. The result is a larger community of advocates for our horses’ welfare.


“Rate My Horse PRO has brought a level playing field to ethics in the horse industry by bringing logical, truthful, and well-researched data to the forefront… The site keeps people honest and provides valuable information for people to read, digest, and form their own opinions.”  

– Bonita


Transparency & Accountability

Launched in November 2010, Rate My Horse PRO was created by a group of horse owners and professionals looking to improve the current state of ethics and integrity within the horse world. The highly complex industry is both daunting and intimidating to outsiders interested in entering, and often seems closed and limited to those who have spent any time inside.

All are better served by using a system to help find the best advisers, while setting expectations for what horse professionals should provide. The concept offers the equine industry a new level of transparency and accountability.

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April 2016 Site Prior to Redesign for Mobile Users

Rate My Horse PRO’s site redesign entered the market in June 2016.