No. CR 16000164-000


Anne Goland
Anne Shumate Williams
Anne Greene

March 28, 2016


13 counts felony embezzlement

Anne Goland aka Anne Shumate Williams is charged with 13 counts of embezzlement related to Peaceable Farms







March 30, 2016

Bond set at $100,000



No. GC15006567-00


Anne Goland
Anne Shumate Williams
Anne Greene



October 26, 2015

27 counts animal cruelty


Animal Cruelty Trial continued to October 31, 2017


Virginia Horse Rescuer Investigated for Animal Abuse after Dead, Emaciated Animals Discovered 

Virginia Horse Community Assists 81 Equines from Rescue

Virginia Farm Owner Charged with Animal Cruelty after Horses Allegedly Starved

Charged with Animal Cruelty Virginia Horse Rescuer Released on $75K Bond

Judge: Seizure of 10 Horses from Anne Shumate’s Farm Lawful

Judge Schedules Anne Goland Animal Cruelty Trial 

New Trial Date for Peaceable Farm’s Goland in Animal Cruelty Case 

Anne Goland Indicted for Embezzlement Related to Horse Rescue  

Anne Goland Remains Behind Bars 

Bond Set at $100K for VA’s Former Peaceable Farm Rescuer  

Peaceable Farm’s Untold Story

Peaceable Farm Embezzlement Case Stalled after Attorneys Fired