Stafford County

No. CR17000917-00

August 7, 2017


15 counts Felony indecent liberties


Released on $15,000 bond

Pleaded not guilty

Trial scheduled January 16, 2018


Stafford County

No. CR17000806-00

July 5, 2017

Grand Jury Indictment


July 12, 2017


Boris Gokovski is accused of sexually assaulting two horseback riding students

Boris Gokovski








4 counts Sexual battery

Pleaded Not Guilty


Trial scheduled for October 18, 2017


Virginia Horseback Riding Instructor Indicted for Sexual Battery


No. CR1700527-00

Closed horse law case






May 1, 2017

Grand Jury Indictment


May 24, 2017



2 counts Indecent act with child

4 counts Assault and battery

Defendant pleaded not guilty


Trial scheduled for July 25, 2017

July 26, 2017

Jury Acquits Boris Gokovski 


Horse Riding Instructor Cleared of Sex Assault Charges