Dimitt Horse Torture

A hoof-carving Oklahoma racehorse trainer entered a no contest plea Monday to five counts of felony animal cruelty.

Robert Dimitt accepted the conditions of a blind plea agreement and faces up to 25-years in prison. Dimmit mutilated the feet of multiple AQHA racehorses leading to their deaths.

The prosecution did not offer Dimitt, of Sallisaw, a deal to change his plea from not guilty to no contest. Dimitt’s fate rests with District Judge Jeff Payton, who has requested a pre-sentencing investigation.

Sequoyah County deputies arrested Dimitt in August 2015 after Charlotte Northam, of Ada, alerted authorities regarding dead horses on Dimitt’s property. Witnesses state Dimitt was cutting the frogs out of the horses’ hooves to “make them run faster”.

Northam said, “we wanted so much for this to go to trial…”

Court documents show Dimitt used Ty Blackwell and Tana Pace as trainers of record when racing his customers’ horses. Dimitt is unable to hold a Racing Commission License in Oklahoma or New Mexico due to his doping suspensions.

The AQHA suspended Dimitt from the association shortly after his arrest.

Dimitt remains out on $25,000 bond. Judge Payton reaffirmed that Dimitt is not to have any contact with horses. If in violation, he faces arrest.

Dimitt faces up to 25-years behind bars. He cannot appeal his sentence due to the blind plea.

Dimitt is scheduled for sentencing on March 23.


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If you see Robert Dimitt working on horses at his farm, a track or tribal racing property, authorities ask that you report it to the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Department at (918) 775-9155.

You can also contact Rate My Horse PRO with any documentation necessary to alert authorities.