by Mike Marten 
Diagnostic tests at the CAHFS laboratory at UC Davis have confirmed that a euthanized horse was EHV-1 positive. On Tuesday, March 5, a horse at Santa Anita – My Sugar Sugar, trained by Eddie Truman – required euthanasia after developing neurological signs. There have been no other reported cases of EHV-1 at Santa Anita.

My Sugar Sugar was feverish four days earlier and developed neurological signs on day four. Biosecurity procedures were implemented that day and the California Department of Agriculture was notified of a suspected case of EHV-1. The average incubation period for EHV-1 is 4 to 7 days, with the majority of cases being 3 to 8 days, but with some taking up to 14 days. All horses in the stable are being closely monitored and none of the others has exhibited signs of fever or illness.

Horsemen in the Santa Anita stable area are advised to be especially vigilant in this regard and to immediately notify the CHRB Official Veterinarian if they have any suspicious cases.