Equine Court

Education is essential when it comes to successful transactions in the horse industry.
For horse owners, overlooking important legal details may result in financial losses, emotional stress, and the demise of relationships.
Horse professionals may suffer the same consequences, which can also lead to an increase in business costs. A lack of attention to legal details may also negatively impact a professional’s reputation, an important detail in the digital age.
Equine Court is a community resource for the equine industry to find publicly available court documents regarding civil and criminal cases. These solutions are a starting point when it comes to protecting your horses and ultimately your finances.
Equine Court also provides an Equine Attorney Directory to help with your proactive equine law needs or if you’re headed to court. Search the comprehensive Equine Attorney Directory by state and find the equine attorney that best suits your specific horse law needs.
Anyone can contribute court documents and all submissions are confidential.
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