Photos are of Sara Johnson’s animals.



by RMHP Staff 

Former Virginia horse rescuer Sara Johnson forfeited ownership of her horses and other animals yesterday. She admitted in court she didn’t provide proper care for her more than 50 animals, however it is unclear why. 

An emaciated pregnant mare from Sara Johnson’s herd.

The animals were seized in place and are being evaluated until foster homes for the horses, miniature horses, donkeys, dogs, goats, and sheep can be found. The United States Equine Rescue League is now assisting Dinwiddie Animal Control. More than half of the hoofed animals are emaciated and require medical attention according to the group. 

Johnson will also be responsible for repaying the county for the costs associated with the animals’ care as long as they are on her property, according to the agreement. 

Johnson was a founding member of Central Virginia Horse Rescue according to current Board Member Cindy Smith. Johnson’s affiliation with the rescue ended almost two years ago due to a job change.
Smith says Johnson emailed her early this year asking for help placing some horses. “I asked her for a list and never heard back from her. I assumed that she was temporarily overwhelmed and had found a solution.”
Prosecutors have not decided if criminal charges will be filed against Johnson.

Neglected hoof care makes walking painful.

Prosecutors have not decided if criminal charges will be filed against Johnson in the case. Johnson will be back in court on May 31.