Equine Researchers Tackle Coronavirus

Equine Researchers Tackle Coronavirus

Spread Feco-Orally by Rob Warren UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine While there is still much to be known about equine coronavirus (ECoV), researchers at...
In a previous study, researchers found about 26% of SCC-affected horses in a retrospective study were Haflingers.

Genetic Link to Equine Eye Cancer Found

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Researchers have identified a genetic mutation in horses allowing for the identification of horses at risk for squamous cell carcinoma ...
Horses May Assist Dementia Patients: Study

Horses May Help Dementia Patients: Study

Every 67 seconds a person in the United States develops dementia. A pilot study suggests horses may improve dementia patients' quality of life by looking at multiple indicators.
The new technology captures three-dimensional, high-resolution computed tomography (CT) images in the standing and moving horse without the need for anesthesia.

Barrel Racer’s Mystery Injury Solved

The barrel racer’s bone scan showed a hot spot right where the spine attaches to the base of the skull, indicating an injury. But the radiographs were inconclusive.
Unlocking Genetic Secrets of Dun Colored Horses

Unlocking Genetic Secrets of Dun Colored Horses

Horses come in a variety of coat colors, but most lack the camouflage of their ancestors. A study reveals the genetic roots of the dun pattern and explains why the pattern isn't seen in most domesticated horses.