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You must register and be verified as either a consumer or a PRO. There is no need to register to utilize the rest of the site's services. 
Rate My Horse PRO does not sell member information. 

A one time $5 identity verification fee is charged to ensure the ratings are accurate and reliable. Identity verification is an additional safe guard to protect professionals' reputations and the rating process from undue influence. 
Rate My Horse PRO believes the majority of horse lovers will agree that a one time fee of five dollars ($5) is a negligible price to promote the best, and help protect themselves, others, and their horses from the worst in the horse business. 
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The verification process is a mechanism to assure that the ratings you view are free of inappropriate influence. All-access rating sites are often susceptible to manipulation by those entities being rated through a process of falsifying names and ratings
The verification process confirms that everyone entering ratings are who they claim to be, ensures that each person has only one voice, and that ratings aren't stacked in favor of or against any professional

Rate My Horse PRO is a resource and decision tool being offered for FREE to the horse industry. The $5 is to pay for the identity verification process. Rate My Horse PRO trusts each verified user will be inspired to contribute to the process at some point. 
Be an advocate for our horses and help others!  Rate My Horse PRO offers reviews from customers just like you. 

Rate My Horse PRO utilizes SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology (the same as large online department stores) to keep your credit card information safe, in addition to 128-bit encryption to protect transmitted data. Keeping your information safe is a top priority. Additionally, your credit card information is not stored.
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Why would I use Rate My Horse PRO when I can just ask other local horse people who I should use for horse training?
Rate My Horse PRO allows you to gain insight from customers regarding thousands of horse professionals across North America. The person at the feed store may be able to tell you what their cousin's sister's friend heard about a trainer or farm. That isn't the same as getting detailed information from someone who has done business with the professional you're interested in. Rate My Horse PRO is another tool in your arsenal to make sure you are making the best decision for you and your horse.
Be proactive - not reactive later.
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NOTE: If you utilize Paypal's services you are utilizing a credit card or banking information online.
Rate My Horse PRO utilizes Paypal's credit card services, notice the Paypal symbol at the bottom of the site. However, Rate My Horse PRO chose to take the protection of our members a step further, with identity verification, which does not allow the use of the Paypal button currently.

Rate My Horse PRO is sorry for any inconvenience you may be caused by not being able to use the Paypal button. 

Rate My Horse PRO does not sell contact information or email addresses.

No. When you rate a PRO, your identity is not disclosed and other members are only able to see your rating and comments. You will have no publicly available identifier available to others on the site so you can rate professionals honestly.

No, you are not limited; you are welcome to rate your current and past professionals. You also have the ability to come back at any time to add new ratings or update ratings entered previously.

You can add the horse trainer or any other professional if they are not in the database and then rate them.

Yes. If you believe you have been a victim, please contact Rate My Horse PRO.

Rate My Horse PRO believes improvements should be rewarded!
Every user is allowed only one account and can rate each professional only once. Users can re-rate their professional as needed. When re-rating, the last rating is immediately replaced with the new rating. 

Every user is identity verified, however the ratings are anonymous.
Rate My Horse PRO is committed to the accuracy of ratings and has designed unique functions and controls to evaluate factors of unfair influence - all of which begin with identity verification. Rate My Horse PRO also has a user-policed tool that offers a “challenge” function.
Professionals listed on the site should take an active role in reviewing their ratings and inviting their customers to rate them. 

Rate My Horse PRO utilizes Google Maps. The exact distance will only be given if the verified user entered an address for the PRO.
The PRO has the ability to 'Claim Their Profile' to update and take control of the information. If you know the PRO, let them know they should claim their profile.

Rate My Horse PRO offers sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

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No. There is no correlation between the ratings and advertising.

For the purposes of the site, a PRO (horse industry business owner) is anyone who sells a service, product, or puts on an event inside of the horse industry. If your business or service does not fit into one of the current rating categories you are considered a Non-Rated PRO.
A Consumer sells nothing in the horse industry, on a regular basis, and truly only buys horse-related goods and services.

No, your amateur status will not change with the USEF. For the purpose of this site, PRO means either you are a professional in the horse industry or your own / manage a business in the horse industry. The registration process clarifies your position further within the horse industry, so there is no confusion.

PROs can be added by any Verified Member. The Verified Member can then immediately rate the PRO they added.
PROs have the opportunity to Claim their Profile so they can view their ratings, update their profile, and proactively manage their reputation with Rate My Horse PRO.

Yes. Once a PRO is a Verified Member, they can create their profile, view the ratings, and rate professionals they have utilized.

Rate My Horse PRO is the first and only site that offers professional reputation management in the horse industry. The site's unique tools give professionals insight into their customers’ satisfaction levels, which has never been available until now. Find out what your customers really think, enhance your customer relations, and make your business stronger.

Rate My Horse PRO built the ratings system so that if an item is not rated it does not penalize the section or overall ratings. Every rating can be customized to the user's experience because of this functionality.
It is most important for you as the professional to keep updated photos and information added to your profile for those customers looking for a new riding instructor / horse trainer in your area.

If I'm a professional member, will members searching be able to tell I have joined?
Yes. Verified PROs are able to add photos and detailed information for free. Additionally, the PROs who have joined have a special notation in the search results.

Rate My Horse PRO makes every attempt possible to contact horse professionals by email when they are added or rated if an email address is supplied by our users. Professionals not interested in receiving updates can unsubscribe at any time.

You can rate and review your riding instructor or your horse trainer. Both are included under the single heading of Horse Trainers. If you can't find the PRO you're looking for you have the ability to Add a PRO, once you become a Verified Member.

Yes, you will be able to find, rate, and review retirement facilities under boarding stables. You will also be able to find stables and facilities that offer stallion stations, concierge show services, rehabilitation services, and any other boarding stable services you may need.

Rate My Horse PRO is built on a system of rating statements, which are scored by the customers for accuracy related to the PRO entity. This system minimizes the subjectivity of ratings, and centers on the objectively focused thought. 

Rate My Horse PRO is focused on offering a high quality rating system to the equine community. Rate My Horse PRO is supported through non-tax deductible contributions, advertising and sponsorship dollars. 

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