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Empowering horse owners since 2010, Rate My Horse PRO® is redefining the way the equine industry does business. Strengthening our commitment to accountability and transparency, we are proud to provide easy access to background checks. This comprehensive, accredited screening tool can help organizations, businesses, and individuals make informed decisions and mitigate risk.

Whether you want to ensure your business’s good reputation, hire the best candidate, or protect the safety of your child or horses, background checks offer an additional level of due diligence not attainable during interviews, reference checks, pre-screening, or farm checks.

 “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.” – Albert Ellis

Consider the facts:

  • Approximately 80% of sex assault victims over 12-years-old know the offender
  • More than 75% of substance abusers are employed
  • Employee theft is the fastest growing crime in America, according to FBI
  • Almost 50% of applicants with a criminal background are missed with a database only background check.


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Why Trust? Verify

Rate My Horse PRO® is the only source for accredited background checks provided by SSCI for those in the horse industry. SSCI is the exclusive background check provider for the United States Olympic Committee’s (USOC) coaches and the United States Equestrian Federation’s (USEF) judges.

Are all background checks alike?

No. Online offers for super low cost background checks (usually under $13) with instant results may mean that only a database background check is being completed. Be wary of false claims alleging that a local or county search is not necessary because it is included in their database background check.

A 2012 study conducted by SSCI found almost 50% of disqualified applicants would have slipped through the cracks if they had relied solely on the database search.


Below are actual crimes missed when using only a national database search:

  • 2002 Felony for Attempted Manslaughter,
  • 2010 Misdemeanor Public Indecency,
  • 2012 Felony for Criminal Attempt Rape of a Child, and
  • 2012 Felony Communicate with Minor for Immoral Purpose.

Accredited Online Background Checks for the Equine Industry

Background Checks for $35 - Be Sure your Horse Professional isn't Breaking More than Horses

*Rate My Horse PRO does not conduct the background checks or have access to any results. All information is confidential.