Screening Guidelines

Rate My Horse PRO offers recommendations to help your horse business or organization become proactive in employment, volunteer, and adoption screening methods. These best practices will assist  you in creating a written policy, which should be approved by your legal counsel to ensure compliance with any and all local, state, and federal laws.

Background Checks

Utilizing a National Database Search should never be used as a standalone due diligence method, according to the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and the American Judicial System.

A comprehensive background check is accomplished by incorporating all known and trusted due diligent, court tested, and comprehensive, nationwide employment screening methods that have been found to be the most effective for employment screening.


For $35 you receive the following to help you make more informed decisions. 

Stable Management Background Checks

Perform Background Check Online


To protect the privacy of applicants, it is critical that a confidentiality policy is established. It should maintain that information received during the screening process will not be disclosed outside of the organization and is only shared on a “need to know basis.” This includes keeping authorization forms containing personal data in a secure location and in the hands of an authorized person.Proper record keeping is essential to ensure you are screening and recording results for screening compliance.


When screening, every applicant should be measured against the same exclusion criteria.

In some states, animal cruelty is a misdemeanor offense.

A defendant can be found guilty at trial, by entering a guilty plea, taking a plea deal, entering a no contest plea or by receiving a court-directed program in lieu of a conviction. Criminal charges can also result in an acquittal, nolle prosse, or dismissal.

Frequency of Background Check Screening

Experts recommend your applicants, paid staff or volunteers should be screened on an annual basis.*
The fact that someone may have a clear background check once does not ensure that they will never commit a serious crime. In a one-year span it is possible for an individual to be arrested and convicted through many of the U.S.’s court systems.

Continued background checks offers a checks and balances approach, since no one can predict the future.

Employers, associations, and organizations may utilize the Background Check Renewal Program at no additional cost, please ask how. 

Additional Services

In a 2008 survey conducted by, 49% of the 3,100 hiring managers surveyed caught a job applicant fabricating some part of their resume.

If you’re looking to do more than just a criminal background search, there are added services at your disposal for additional fees including motor vehicle reports, employment / education verification, and credit checks.

A motor vehicle report is an important addition if the hiring position includes hauling horses, students, or driving company vehicles.  

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