Orange County

No. 2017-CF-10952

Closed Scott Langton case





Scott Langton arrest for sexual battery (intoxicating substance)

Scott Langton arrested on September 21, 2017












$15,000 bond in Orange County – released

surrendered passport

October 11, 2017 – arraignment scheduled

October 24, 2017 – case dismissed after Scott Langton’s October 4 suicide


No. 59-2017-CF 000150A

Seminole County

Closed horse law case






January 5, 2017



1 count felony drug possession – schedule IV Diazepam

1 count felony possession cocaine

1 count misdemeanor DUI

1 count misdemeanor leaving the scene of crash involving damage to property

1 ticket careless driving


Out on $24,000 bond

Plea of Not Guilty (waived arraignment)


August 17, 2017

Scott Langton enters plea of Nolo Contendere

Judge adjudicates Langton guilty


  • Langton enters drug court for drug charges – report to state probation
  • Court costs
  • Probation for 1 year, no alcohol
  • 50 hours of public service completed by May
  • Driver’s license suspended for 6 months


September 28

Drug court terminated and case sent back to criminal docket


Next court appearance scheduled for November 1, 2017


October 6, 2017

Case Nolle Prosquei 


Orlando Equine Veterinarian Charged With DUI, Cocaine Possession

Equine Vet Relinquishes Florida Veterinary License

Former Florida Veterinarian Guilty Of DUI 

Florida’s Langton Charged with Drugging, Raping Teen

Scott Langton Dies from Gunshot Wound  – update October 30, 2017, death ruled suicide