Seminole County

No. 59-2017-CF 000150A

Closed horse law case







January 5, 2017



1 count felony drug possession – schedule IV Diazepam

1 count felony possession cocaine

1 count misdemeanor DUI

1 count misdemeanor leaving the scene of crash involving damage to property

1 ticket careless driving


Out on $24,000 bond


Plea of Not Guilty (waived arraignment)



August 17, 2017

Scott Langton enters plea of Nolo Contendere

Judge adjudicates Langton guilty


  • Langton enters drug court for drug charges – report to state probation
  • Court costs
  • Probation for 1 year, no alcohol
  • 50 hours of public service completed by May
  • Driver’s license suspended for 6 months


Orlando Equine Veterinarian Charged With DUI, Cocaine Possession

Equine Vet Relinquishes Florida Veterinary License

Former Florida Veterinarian Guilty Of DUI