Membership Fees Going Up

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) announced Wednesday it is raising membership fees $25.

Starting in 2018, the Federation’s membership fee will increase to $80 from $55. USEF President Murray Kessler states this is the first price increase in a decade despite a 33% rise in the cost of doing business.

Kessler reports the Federation is moving in the right direction with “growing membership, teams and individuals winning on the world stage, balanced financials, and the implementation of many new initiatives”.

The Federation is looking to enlist unrated shows while encouraging the return of the B & C rated horse shows.

USEF is also raising the drugs and medication charge per horse, per show to $15 from $8.

Kessler contends raising the drug fee will fund the battle against cheating and defend the findings of the Hearing Committee in the courtroom. “It is unfortunate that we all need to pay this tax because of a few bad eggs, but it is the price we must pay for clean sport and a fair and level playing field.”

The annual membership is also changing to an anniversary membership model. That means no matter when you join, you get the benefit of a full 12-month membership.

Kessler adds the fee increases will not be used to build a new headquarters building at the Kentucky Horse Park.

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