Ravenwood Horse Farm

A convicted animal abuser in Virginia is guilty of 26 counts of animal cruelty after a three-day trial.

Nottoway County authorities found four dead horses buried in a shallow grave on Robin Vince’s Ravenwood Horse Farm property. They seized 40 maltreated horses and 15 dogs in February 2016 after obtaining a search warrant.

A court convicted Vince of animal cruelty in 2014, which a higher court later affirmed. A judge sentenced her to 12 months jail suspended.

Court documents state she failed to contact a veterinarian, or her customer, after a boarder’s horse severely injured its leg. Vince stated she self-treated the horse with prescription medications not prescribed for the horse. A veterinarian testified she did so incorrectly when the horse needed emergency veterinary intervention.

Vince’s daughter, Rhiannan Vitiello, also a convicted animal abuser, is facing charges as well.

Vince awaits sentencing in this case.